Apply divorce online Bangalore.

As the digital revolution reshapes the legal landscape, Raghavendra Law Chambers stands as a progressive force in embracing the benefits of technology. Please remember two things which are very important,

  1. Court will not grant divorce online and the proceedings cannot be conducted online.
  2. However, due to any reason you are not in Bangalore and want to file divorce in Bangalore or want to file a reply to a divorce petition notice served upon you for a divorce case in Family Court, Bangalore, including divorce, maintenance, alimony, and child custody, we can coordinate with you online.
  3. We will share the list of documents that you will have to share with us and send you necessary paperwork concerning you case, which you need to sign it, get it notarized with a notary nearby you, and send it back to us.
  4. If you are in a foreign country, you can sign the concerned documents before a consulate officer in Indian Embassy nearest to your place of residence or talk to them over the phone.
  5. If you are in a remote place in India, you can sign the documents and get it notarized with a notary nearest to you and if you are in a foreign country, you can execute a specific Power of Attorney and let some other family members of yours in first degree relationship like father, mother, brother, or sister can be a party to divorce on your behalf.  Still if there is a need for court for it to satisfy, court may direct you to appear via zoom calls or other online protocols adopted by respective courts.
  6. First, 3-4 visits to appear before concerned family court is a must and then you will have to appear when your presence is sought by court.  In exceptional cases and when you are not residing in India as an NRI or otherwise and want to file a divorce case in Bangalore from a foreign place, your online presence can be arranged before concerned court.  But, please remember, this is an exceptional case and not a routine.

Raghavendra Law Chambers recognizes the growing demand for convenient and efficient divorce solutions and has embraced online divorce services to meet the needs of their clients. By leveraging secure online platforms and advanced legal technology, they simplify the divorce process, allowing clients to initiate and progress their divorce proceedings from the comfort of their own homes.

Embracing the Budget-Friendly Nature of Online Divorce:

One of the standout features of Raghavendra Law Chambers is their commitment to being budget-friendly divorce lawyers in Bangalore. We understand that divorce can bring financial uncertainties, and offering cost-effective solutions is a priority for us. This cost-saving advantage allows us to pass on the benefits to their clients in the form of affordable fees without compromising on the quality of our legal services.  Raghavendra Law Chambers believes that access to quality divorce representation should not be limited by financial constraints. Their commitment to being budget-friendly is a testament to our dedication to helping clients achieve a smooth and affordable divorce process.

Moreover, We, at Raghavendra Law Chambers understand that coordination of divorce matters online offers additional cost-saving benefits. With reduced paperwork and simplified procedures, the time and effort required for each case are minimized. This efficiency translates into reduced legal fees and overall cost savings for their clients. By embracing the budget-friendly nature of online divorce, Raghavendra Law Chambers remains committed to providing accessible and affordable divorce representation in Bangalore.

How are we different from the rest?

  • We take up only divorce cases concerning divorce, custody, maintenance, and alimony.
  • We practice only in the jurisdiction of Bangalore Urban District, Karnataka and in High Court of Karnataka for matrimonial cases.
  • We charge affordable and budget-friendly rates as we know the financial difficulties of our clients.
  • We keep our clients informed about the various stages of their case and procedures by maintaining open lines of communication.
  • We coordinate with our clients online including client briefings, to save time and effort of our clients and the legal documents will be sent through courier for client signature.
  • Utmost integrity is something we can promise without any compromise.
  • We will assist you with,

    • Divorce.
    • Child Custody.
    • Maintenance.
    • Alimony.

How can we help you as your divorce lawyer?

  1. First, we will have a brief call with you to understand your concerns and expectations.
  2. We will guide you on the nature of proceedings, time limit, cost, etc.,
  3. Advise you on your divorce proceedings, financials, assets, child custody, etc.,
  4. We will file divorce petition representing you.